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$2 Honey Bar by Bees & Beans

The Honey bar is a balance of flavor and texture. This popular bar is richly sweet and salty rounded with bitter. Smooth honey caramel is layered with salted filbert nougat, enrobed in 70% dark chocolate, and finished with Oregon sea salt.

$4 Ruby Jewel Ice Cream Sandwiches (click for details)

Amazingly good handcrafted ice-cream sandwiches from our friends at Ruby Jewel in Portland. Come by to see what flavors we have in stock, and bring a friend, these all natural goodies are big enough to share (or not!).


Our staple pies, typically available year-round.

$3/slice or 2 for $5 - $19 whole pie MARGHERITA

Fresh and shredded mozzarella, fresh garlic, tomato sauce, topped with fresh basil.

$3.50/slice or 2 for $6 - $20 whole pie PEPPERONI

Fresh and shredded mozzarella, tomato sauce and pepperoni.

$4/slice or 2 for $7 - $22 whole pie VEGGIE SPECIAL (seasonal)

This pie changes based on seasonal selection, featuring local & organic produce.


The pizza below are rotating, and may or may not be available! We are also constantly crafting new pizzas, we post or menu for each week on our Facebook page, or just stop by for a surprise!

$4/slice or 2 for $7 - $22 whole pie ITALIAN SAUSAGE & MAMA LIL’S

Fresh and shredded mozzarella, tomato sauce, Zenner's Italian sausage, black olives, Mama Lil’s peppers and red onion.

$4/slice or 2 for $7 - $22 whole pie BACON BIANCA

Fresh and shredded mozzarella, LOTS of fresh garlic, mixed fresh herbs, oven roasted nitrate-free bacon.

$4/slice or 2 for $7 - $22 whole pie PINE & SWINE

Fresh and shredded mozzarella, all-natural smoked pork loin, fresh pineapple, topped with organic parsley.


$1 Soda

Assorted Canned Sodas